Sale 3-2018/19 – Avg Price in $/50kg

SALE 1 STATS : AA-226.28 AB-201.13 C-160.23 E-198.19 PB-206.11 T-87.17 TT-161.64

Overall (All Catalogues) $162.29

Welcome to Sustainable Management Services (SMS) Kenya

Sustainable Management Services Ltd (SMS) established in 2006 is a group company of Ecom Agro-Industrial Corporation Limited. SMS is a leading supply chain, production and quality manager in Kenya.Ecom’s goal with SMS is to foster a competitive, diversified service platform – in Kenya and worldwide – that enables farmers and co-ops to increase profitability and improve quality and sustainability of the supply chain over time…Read More


Our fully qualified and professional agronomists physically advise and demonstrate good agricultural practices to large, medium and small scale farmers.

Quality Management

We normally ensure that sustainability is well predicted on a healthy supply chain, if value discovery mechanisms are in the hands of producers.Whereby they..

SMS Sustainability

We work closely with our customers, we support their businesses. The smallholder farmers who supply us with coffee are at the centre of SMS sustainability action.