Sustainable Management Services Ltd established in 2006 is a group company of Ecom Agro-Industrial Corporation Limited.

SMS is a leading supply chain, production and quality manager in Kenya.

Ecom’s goal with SMS is to foster a competitive, diversified service platform – in Kenya and worldwide – that enables farmers and co-ops to increase profitability and improve quality and sustainability of the supply chain over time.

SMS offers a wide range of management services touching on all aspects of the coffee business, regardless of the producers scale of operations. The services are out to offer the best extension and quality education to coffee farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS).

SMS has progressed into a stand alone entity that gives direct technical assistance to small holder farmers. Today SMS is assisting over 160,000 small holder farmers across Kenya through its network of promoter farmers and field offices.

The company draws on its own expertise as well as local institutions and consultants to implement producer specific solutions for sustainable production and projects.

Services offered at SMS:

“Sustainable Coffee Trade – That’s our Business”