Sustainable Management Services Limited is registered by the Nairobi Coffee Exchange as a marketing agent. SMS is an active player, selling client coffee at the auction and finds best prices for their clients through direct sales.
With human resource boasting of longevity in the coffee industry, SMS is one of the leading marketing agents in Kenya. SMS works with farmers from all coffee growing regions in Kenya to provide most reliable marketing services in the supply chain.

Clientele share per region


Coffee Movement averages per season

Sangana commodities, the Ecom trader in Kenya buys over 13% of the total coffees availed at the auction and has become one of the key players.

Direct Sales

direct sales

“We have had an upward trend of coffees we sell as direct sales hence farmers get best value for their produce.”

Farmers reached per season

SMS considers farmers as business partners who must enjoy a win-win relationship for sustainability. We offer a one-stop-shop arrangement for the farmer that includes coffee marketing, Agro-inputs and operating capital pre-finance, farm management and agronomy consultancy, Climate change mitigation, food security and general sustainability. SMS strives to build excellence among farmers.

Client retention statistics
Years > 5 | 5 3 | 3< Years > 1 | New Clients(Years < 1)

Credit and Farm Inputs

In liaison with the quality and agronomy departments within SMS, we offer credit facility to our clients. The credits is in form of moneys or farm inputs recoverable from sales at a rate.
This has enabled our farmers achieve optimized production.