Quality sampling

We normally ensure that sustainability is well predicted on a healthy supply chain, if value discovery mechanisms are in the hands of producers. Whereby they can earn the right price for their coffee if they understand the volume and quality of the coffee, as the value that quality brings.

By providing access to the information and advising by training on how:

  • To increase production
  • Improve quality
  • Coffee processing practices and techniques
  • Coffee grading at wet mill
  • To understand the level of the coffee value chain, for producers, buyers, wet and dry mill, factory managers and quality control staffs.
  • Demonstrating when training practical exercises in issues that affect quality including the fundamentals which affect coffee processing in terms of quality, type of defects, cupping protocols and purpose, also other benchmarks for quality improvement
  • We provide cupping training for farmers, emphasizing on practical, hands-on cupping exercises and fundamental knowledge of evaluation, standards and protocols for classifications and grading system both at the wet and dry mill levels.
  • Always advise farmers that coffee consumption can be an important component of a national or regional coffee improvement or marketing programme, which plays a significant level of impact on lives of people working in coffee industry.